Reasons to choose Windows Server Hosting

When it comes to finding a suitable host for a personal or business Website, users are typically faced with the decision whether to use Windows or Linux server hosting plans. For users intending to use ASP Dot Net scripting or other technologies based on Windows, such as Visual Basic, for example, Windows server hosting is without the shadow of a doubt the best choice.

While the slightly more cost-effective Linux server hosting option is often perfectly suitable and will perform well for small businesses, some unique features required to run a particular site – like searchable databases, shopping carts, etc – are often not be available through this choice. The following features make selecting the Windows server hosting options necessary.

.Net Technologies – If a Website has been built using MS .Net technologies like ASP .net or VB .net, the obvious choice is to go for a Windows hosting plan.

Enterprise Class Databases – While Linux offers a fine selection of suitable databases, Windows server hosting is required in order to use Microsoft’s MSSQL, a database which can not be run on Linux.

Access Database – Microsoft’s Access databases are only accessible through a suitable MS Windows platform. It is not possible to run MS Access on a Linux platform, again making the selection of a Windows hosting plan essential.

SharePoint – MS SharePoint is equally only accessible reliably via Windows server hosting.

Essentially, making the choice between Windows and Linux hosting plans depends on the scripts used, desired features and – to a certain extent – the available budget. Although Windows hosting plans do cost a little more than the open source, free Linux software due to applicable licensing fees, certain features will not be accessible through Linux. Considering carefully what needs to be included in a site will help to determine which option to select for optimal performance.

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